2019 Agency - Media Idea - under £250k

It’s coming home
British Airways

With 2018 proving to be an exceptionally hot summer in the UK, and with the football World Cup taking place, people were making the most of staycations rather than travelling abroad. To increase sales, British Airways capitalised on World Cup fever and England’s progress. It faced the challenge, however, of creating a campaign 24 hours before England’s quarter final on an economy budget. 

British Airways’ boarding pass became an emblem of England’s footballing success in the tournament thus far, aiming to bring to life BA’s role as the nation’s flag carrier, as well as literally showing that football was coming home. Details such as the exact time of the World Cup final and the amount of years since England’s last triumph were hidden within the creative. Social spend was focused on Twitter, where much of the football conversation was taking place, thereby targeting users already sharing or engaging with World Cup content. For out of home, a few sites around key football viewing locations were chosen, while the campaign was also supported by two press inserts. 

The boarding pass became the most talked about piece of advertising during the World Cup, featuring within Unilad, BBC Sport and The Sun. There was a 32% increase in ‘look to book’ sessions on BA.com.

Alexa … send me a diet Coke - The Coca Cola Company

The voice skill on a smart speaker allows anyone with Amazon Echo, Google Home or Google Assistant on their smartphone to order a free sample of a product. Coca Cola integrated the ‘Send Me a Sample’ voice skill into its AV assets, transforming sampling through the activation of voice. Families watching television at home could watch an advert featuring the skill and request a sample pack via their voice assistant. This was used to launch Diet Coke Exotic Mango, and it successfully drove awareness and trial, with 24,000 packs of the drink ordered on the first day of the campaign.

#ThisIsOurTime - Skoda UK

The Skoda brand originally made bicycles. The brand used this fact to widen its appeal among women and to underscore how in the UK, just 26% of road cyclists are women, compared to 50% across most other European countries. Skoda highlighted the lack of a women’s Tour de France by telling the story of Donnons des Elles au Velos J-1, an all-female cycling team which rode the 2018 Tour de France course the day before the men. Skoda became official team sponsors, providing support cars and cycling kit and documenting the team’s journey in a series of films. The campaign centred around #ThisIsOurTime, featuring content across print, digital, audio and video.

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