2019 International Campaign

Selling a phone with hidden powers

Samsung’s Galaxy Note9, a high-end smartphone with a price to match, launched in August 2018, when consumers were upgrading less and during a smartphone industry slowdown. 

Samsung needed to showcase the benefits of its product but these were not the most common reasons prompting people to switch. While Galaxy Note9 looked similar to previous models, its point of difference was what lay beneath, with the phone’s power, speed and battery life vastly improved. 

Focusing on these ‘hidden powers’ led Samsung to turn to the gaming community - research showed gamers were interested in processing power and battery life for gaming performance. It partnered with Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite, turning Note9 into the most powerful character in the game -  creating the ‘Galaxy Man’ skin.

Samsung also teamed-up with celebrated gamer Ninja to release Galaxy Man during live gameplay on Twitch, a global platform for Fortnite gamers, as well as creating content with Fortnite gamers with global followings. Footballer Harry Kane, a Fortnite fan, came on board to create content supported with paid media in eight markets. Samsung also promoted the character through their owned social and CRM channels, and via a digital billboard in New York’s Times Square.

The number of 18-24 year old Note9 buyers increased significantly and search traffic for the smartphone rose to a very high level following the Fortnite release. 

Viva La Vulva -  Bodyform 

Bodyform launched a new range of feminine care, created to care for vulvas. But the brand faced an uphill battle persuading media owners to feature a film showing the beautiful diversity of vulvas, as such a topic was deemed taboo. Influencers across the Nordics and the UK were urged to share the film, challenge publishers and help women feel confident and comfortable talking about their vulvas. Following support and publicity, paid social support helped promote the campaign further. Social and digital video directed women to the Bodyform webpage, which provided content encouraging women to have a healthy relationship with their vulvas. Bodyform’s market share increased significantly just five weeks after launch. 

Okay Google … Hit the Lights -  Google (Assistant) 

Awareness of digital assistants was growing yet levels of consideration were low. Independent research showed that 65% of people say that live events help them have a better understanding of a product or services. A ‘cultural calendar’ was drawn showing which moments Google Assistant should surround, from football matches to music nights. One example included a partnership with Italian musicians Jax and Fedez, integrating the system into their live show. Halfway through their sell out concert at the San Siro they asked Google to “turn up the lights”, which activated the wristbands of the 80,000 audience. The campaign resulted in an increase in future consideration and contributed to double digit growth in usage during the campaign period.


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