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John Lewis & Partners Xmas 2018
John Lewis & Partners

John Lewis’ 2018 Christmas ad focused on how the gift of a piano transformed schoolboy Reg Dwight into Elton John. ITV was tasked with giving the campaign the biggest possible launch, turning to piano music to achieve this. 

The piano was central to John Lewis’ ad and music is an equally vital part of every ITV show. The day before the ad was unveiled, the theme tunes of five of ITV’s biggest shows - Coronation Street, Emmerdale, This Morning, Lorraine and The Chase were reworked by creating entirely new piano versions. Each show’s opening and closing theme tunes were replaced, as well as the top and tail of every ad break.  

On the day of the ad launch, ITV continuity announcers joined the campaign, with teasers before each show highlighting the piano theme tunes and encouraging people to tune in that evening to find out more. The ITV Hub hosted the full 2’20” TV creative for on-demand viewing, as well as the four-minute “Making of” video.

There were 14m Twitter impressions at launch, 21% chose to ‘pay more attention’ to the break and across the two days, a quarter of UK adults saw and heard the reworked piano tunes.

WPP & Facebook
The People’s Seat, Inspiring Action on Climate Change - The United Nations 

To help the United Nations reconnect with the general public, people were invited to take ‘The People’s Seat’ and air their views on climate Change. Sir David Attenborough, with his authoritative presence and resonance with young people, launched the campaign. At the UN’s COP24 event, he invited the world to #TakeYourSeat in a social media campaign rallying the public. At key conferences, a spokesperson for the people would deliver a speech crafted from their collective voices, gathered from social media - from ‘The People’s Seat’,  directly to the delegates in the room. The campaign gave people a sense of UN participation for the first time. It dominated the global news agenda, reaching over 1.3 billion people globally. 

LADbible Group
Three Introduces The Most Relaxing Place On The Internet - Three UK

Young people are often told that their phones are bad for them. But Three believes that phones are good. Its challenge was to make this proposition real, believable and tangible. It used the theme of wellness - ‘Feed the Feel Good’, producing content that made users feel good about their phones. Three partnered with social publisher LADBible to create ‘Relaxing Stuff’, a social channel that uses technology to deliver daily moments of chill. Videos included dogs being shampooed in slow motion and rabbits munching different types of fruity snacks. Purchase intent among 18-26 year olds shifted positively and hundreds of pieces of content deepened levels of engagement.

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