2019 Rising Star - Media Owner

Hannah Anderson
Social Chain Media

Hannah Anderson is director of media, creative and brand strategy at Media Chain, part of Social Chain Group. Set up in 2014 in Manchester by Anderson and two business partners, the social media publishing business now employs more than 280 staff, with offices in several cities, including London, Berlin and New York. 

Anderson originally wanted to be a primary school teacher; while training at university, she amassed more than 400,000 followers for her first social media pages and has not looked back since. At Media Chain, she oversees a team of fifty focused on growing new media platforms and which created one of the first-ever live Facebook photos which hit 100 million views within 24 hours. She has also led campaigns for a number of high-profile brands including Nike, Puma, Amazon, Apple and Sky and the communities she has created reach over 1.8 billion people every month through their 80 million followers.

Not yet 30, Anderson was last year named among Vogue’s 25 most influential women in Britain, with the magazine describing her as ‘the greatest social media influencer you’ve never heard of’. Anderson says she is keen to continue disrupting traditional communication mediums such as television. 

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