2019 Small Collaboration - Budget under £250k

The Consumer Hour on LBC

Which? champions the rights of UK consumers; while prompted awareness of the brand was high, spontaneous awareness was low. It partnered with radio station LBC, a media brand built on opinion, to challenge the establishment and give a voice to the people.

Which? partnered with LBC’s Consumer Hour as the show’s sponsor but activity went deeper than traditional sponsorships, with Which? consumer experts co-presenting the show. This allowed Which? to co-create the editorial of the show alongside LBC and demonstrate its credible, impartial advice on consumer issues.

This sharing of editorial expertise resulted in Which? experts incorporated into hundreds of hours of shows across LBC. When the news agenda required a consumer champion, it was Which? experts that LBC collaborated with and turned to. The campaign also included sponsorship of LBC’s Drivetime Show and interviews within LBC’s Breakfast Show, helping to build Which? frequency across the channel and creating social content that was distributed to a wider audience.

Every key performance for Which? Improved during the partnership, with increased ad awareness, brand buzz and site sessions from LBC traffic, while 64% of LBC listeners claimed to have taken some form of action as a result of the campaign.

The ESPN Luck Index powered by Intel - ESPN

To promote the launch of Intel’s 8th Gen processor - the brand’s most powerful yet, Intel wanted to showcase the processor at work. The ESPN Luck Index was created, examining how the Premier League football tournament would look if luck were not a factor, using a sophisticated predictive model and crunching hundreds of data points. As a result of the campaign, unprompted awareness of Intel’s processing power increased as well as perception of Intel as an innovative brand.

Digital Cinema Media
Reimagining social content to take action with cinema - Counter Terrorism Policing

The UK public plays a crucial role in helping police. To encourage audiences to sit up, pay attention and take action against the ongoing global threat of terrorism, Counter Terrorism Policing and Digital Cinema Media created a film with examples of terrorist-related suspicious activity. It featured CCTV-stylised footage to spread its ‘Action Counters Terrorism’ strapline and provoke audiences to take action. A total of 120 cinemas nationwide delivered 46 different localised versions of the film to each local community. As a result, 83% of cinemagoers agreed a local call to action made them more likely to report suspected terrorist activity.


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Haymarket Automotive Studio and Manning Gottlieb OMD: What Car? True MPG in partnership with Nissan LEAF - What Car?
MediaCom & ITV:  Lucozade Zero Pink, Fancy It? - Lucozade Pink
WPP & Facebook: The People’s Seat, Inspiring Action on Climate Change - The United Nations

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