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Pumpkin Spiced Latte - Starbucks

Starbucks’ pumpkin spiced latte (PSL) available each year just before the end of summer, has a global fan base. But with a low budget for its media launch last year, Manning Gottlieb OMD turned to social media, tapping into one of its biggest trends in 2017 – mirror selfies. Starbucks’ target audience spend an unhealthy amount of time filling their Instagram timelines with selfies carefully posed in front of the mirror. These mirror selfies consistently featured designer phone cases, so Manning Gottlieb OMD turned the pumpkin spiced latte into just that. By partnering with accessory and phone case brand Skinny Dip, a limited-edition range of PSL iPhone cases was launched. Every time fans took a mirror selfie and shared it with followers, PSL branding was front and centre. Initial buzz was created with a launch party hosted by Skinny Dip while the public launch was supported with dedicated spaces in stores and concessions, window displays and through paid social media. All 3,000 limited editions of the cases were sold and year-on-year sales of the drink also increased significantly, while organic social sharing dwarfed those of previous PSL campaigns.

The Suzuki Ignis: Category maker; stereotype breaker - Suzuki The Suzuki Ignis is a model designed to bring a younger, female,car buyer to the brand, but in the eyes of 20-something women, Suzuki was decidedly uncool. Working with E4, the7stars created a brand-new TV format designed to engage young female viewers. All Star Driving School is a TV series about the trials of learning to drive, but ultimately about the adventure and independence the first-time car can grant its owner. Stories of adventure from the show were amplified across multiple channels.

The7stars The Foo Fighter Arms – Rock ‘n’ roll ain’t gonna die
For the release of Foo Fighters' ninth album "Concrete and Gold", the7stars had to make the rock band feel relevant in a changed UK music landscape dominated by young urban and dance artists. Foo Fighters have always toured with a private pub backstage, a near-mythical place known fondly as 'the Foo Fighters Arms'. Every fan has a friend of a friend of a friend who has managed to get a pint there. Inspired by the myth, and because Brits love a good pub, the agency brought a pub to the punters, taking over an East End boozer and redesigning it as the Foo Fighters Arms.

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