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80 Days of Argos

Argos’ same day delivery states that orders placed before 6pm are delivered nationwide on that same day. The retailer wanted to convince the British public just how ‘fast’ this service is; if they wanted something from Argos today, they would get it, today. Digital media and mobile data was critical and used to gather insight into shopping triggers. By running bespoke analysis across sales, search and social data, Argos identified products people were most likely to purchase on each day of spring and summer, enabling it to spot patterns, such as sales spikes for toys midway through half term or sales of BBQs picking up as soon as the weather hit 17 degrees. Messages and media had to tie in with these patterns. Pairing Argos’ same day delivery message with the specific items customers were likely to want that day, updated daily, allowed the retailer to get the right message across at the right time. Mindshare created 80 x 10-second spots – the ‘80 Days of Argos’, with each running for just one day. Every ad was date-stamped along with a product that could be ordered and delivered that day. Data defined the brand message and informed product selection, by revealing which items would be popular and when. Buying and delivering a campaign based on individual day specific requirements was an industry first. Perceptions of Argos as the ‘fastest way to shop’ grew and the campaign significantly increased the view that Argos understands its customers’ needs.

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OOPS Best Media Idea
When O2 launched free screen repairs with new handset tariffs, the idea was to use media to create the "oh shit" feeling when your phone screen smashes. Billboards were broken, phones were rolled down escalators and screens smashed, all creating the horror of the ‘oops!' moment.

Mindshare UK
Nike: Nothing Beats a Londoner Nike wanted to reconnect with young Londoners. It ran workshops with young Londoners, talking to and observing them to help develop its media strategy and then made them the launch media channel for its campaign. Young Londoners featured in a social first film that worked as both 18 individual hooks (10-15 second scenes) and together as a three- minute film.

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