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The Foo Fighter Arms: Rock ‘n’ roll ain’t gonna die - Columbia Records

The Foo Fighters released their ninth album, ‘Concrete and Gold’ in 2017 - their first in six years. In that time, the music landscape had become dominated by urban artists and dance tracks. To ensure the album had impact and to make the band relevant, the7stars created an East End boozer where fans could immerse themselves in the band’s lifestyle.

The concept was based on the fact that the Foo Fighters have always toured with a private pub backstage, a near-mythical place known fondly as ‘the Foo Fighters Arms’. The Dundee Arms in Bethnal Green was rebranded to The Foo Fighter Arms for a week, serving bespoke beers named after songs on the new album. Upstairs, a pop-up shop sold limited edition Foo Fighters Arms t-shirts, numbered lithographic prints and skateboards. To get people through the door, geofenced digital formats promoted the daily agenda to locals, such as Foo Fighters’ themed quizzes and gig after-parties.

The7stars also bought native placements in the listings sections of sites like Time Out, while Unilad, NME and Vice covered stories from the pub and distributed them nationwide. People queued for three hours to get into the pub, while ‘Concrete and Gold’ went to number one in the album charts and was named the best selling international rock album of 2017.

The Honeypot Poster Network - Hiscox
Small business owners are under constant threat from hackers but rarely consider cyber- insurance. To prove just how often they're targeted and how critical it is to have insurance, Goodstuff’s campaign featured real cyber attacks, using live OOH media. A ‘honeypot’ was connected 37 live poster sites within eight cities across the UK. The campaign delivered the most successful business period ever, for Hiscox Cyber Insurance.

Manning Gottlieb OMD
Old People’s Home for four-year olds at Christmas, Age UK
Charity Age UK wanted to raise awareness of ageing and the loneliness older people face. Manning Gottlieb OMD brokered a partnership between the charity and Channel 4’s 'Old People’s Home for Four Year Olds' for a Christmas special. The documentary format consisted of an hour-long show for primetime TV and seven exclusive edits for social, all with Age UK services woven seamlessly throughout.

Carat UK: Gordon's: Alleviating Frustration at the Station, Diageo Europe/Gordon’s
Manning Gottlieb OMD: Pumpkin Spice Latte, Starbucks
MediaCom: JD Sports: The Comeback Kid of Retail, JD Sports
Mindshare UK: Fox: Deep State

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