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In the UK the car is the most popular mode of transport, no matter age, gender or income. To encourage more people to use trains, Virgin Trains highlighted just how hellish it is to be stuck in traffic on the M1 and the M6; both motorways cover the same journey as Virgin Trains’ Leeds and Birmingham routes.

Google’s traffic data was used to isolate the worst places, days of the week and times of day when delays were most likely, identifying broad ‘hell-spots’ along the motorways. Manning Gottlieb OMD worked with Global and Virgin Trains’ creative agency, Anomaly, to break the region up based on a total of eight individual radio transmitters. They created and delivered bespoke copy for each 20km stretch of the motorway, with the copy changing, based on time of day, day of week and around traffic blackspots. It marked the first time copy for radio had been planned, bought and created in this way. Disgruntled drivers caught in queues were told about the alternative, Virgin Trains, at exactly the right time.

Over the course of the campaign, consideration for the train increased along both routes; the M6 route rose from 73% to 82%, while the M1 went from 76% to 83%.

Goodstuff Yorkshire Tea Speciality Brews - a dynamic audio campaign of pure poetry - Taylors of Harrogate/Yorkshire Tea
To launch three new 'speciality' tea brands for Yorkshire Tea, Goodstuff worked with Lucky Generals, and poet Ian McMillan, to attract a new audience of tea drinkers aged between 24 and 44. The campaign involved turning a written poem about tea into 300 spoken word, dynamic, audio ads, matching the message to need state, day, daypart, weather and location.

Spotify and MediaCom The Hunger Spotter - Mars/Snickers
The Hunger Spotter campaign used an already-successful marketing strategy for Snickers, - 'You're Not You When You're Hungry' and repurposed in an innovative way. The all-new audio format used a musical track to tell listeners that they're not themselves when they're hungry.


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