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Fanta - The 13th Floor, Coca-Cola/Fanta

Fanta needed to reinvent the brand for 16-19 year-olds, showing teenagers just how ‘cool’ a drink it is. Halloween provided the perfect moment to create a branded content VR experience to showcase Fanta as the facilitator of Halloween fun.

The ‘13th Floor’ was brought to life over two weeks as a physical installation at two key hangouts for teens: Thorpe Park, a theme park famed for its annual Fright Night Halloween event and London’s Westfield Stratford shopping centre.

The experience featured lifts; visitors put on a VR headset and stepped inside one of these lifts, where the VR experience began with a creepy bellboy leading visitors to a Halloween party on the 13th floor. The lift then malfunctioned, plummeting those inside further into the depths of the building, with something inescapably scary awaiting on every floor.

Success relied on delivering the experience to more than just a lucky few. Extra footage including GIFs, stills and reaction videos were used across a large-scale social plan to drive traffic to view a 360 video. Alongside this, snapcodes on bespoke Halloween cans unlocked progressively scarier Halloween lenses, which also featured on OOH. People queued for two hours for the experience, with sales of Fanta rising 14.5% year-on- year.

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Nike - Nothing Beats a Londoner - Nike
Nike was losing touch with young Londoners, so it invited this demographic to plan the campaign. Alongside a three-minute film, participation in the campaign was extended through 50 location-specific Snapchat filters across London boroughs, bespoke GIFs, Snapchat sticker packs, Xbox avatar accessories and swipe-up stories on Instagram and Snapchat, inviting kids to take part in sporting events across half-term.

The Telegraph The Telegraph, Specsavers and Manning Gottlieb OMD Specsavers’ Rugby Referee sponsorship was brought to life by The Telegraph with an interactive, video-based rugby referee game where players are the referee, having to decide what to do when faced with six contentious decisions.

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