Best use of data for audience buying

Mediacom and Spotify


The Hunger Spotter - Mars/Snickers

This campaign marked the first time chocolate bar Snickers used an audio-only activation, for its ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’ story. Its premise is that when people get hungry, they make stupid mistakes. They’re not themselves, and their mates will almost certainly take the mickey out of them. As a bar full of energy boosting peanuts, Snickers can prevent this from happening, because ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’.

Snickers needed a media innovation to re-invigorate this message - it highlighted out-of- character music choices through Spotify’s wealth of listening intelligence. The aim was to pinpoint the moments when music selection shifted to the polar opposite of a listener’s usual preferences, reminding them to get back to themselves with a Snickers.

Listeners were grouped into three genres: grime, pop and rock. If a fan of one of these genres started listening to a style of music completely at odds with their usual preferences, they were served an audio ad calling out their hungry behaviour. But this wasn’t any old audio ad: each was written and recorded in the music style that the listener usually loves. Each ad also linked listeners through to playlists of the genres that they enjoy when they aren’t hungry, providing an instantly satisfying solution. In a month with no TV support, year-on-year sales grew significantly.

Mindshare UK 80 Days of Argos
Argos wanted to show the public that if you wanted something from Argos today, you got it today. A blend of Argos sales, search and social data inspired the strategy, which resulted in 80 ten-second spots created for each day of the campaign. An industry-leading data partnership between Sky and Argos informed the meticulous day-by-day buying and optimisation of the campaign, a first of its kind.

Carat UK
NHS BT/Blood Donor Sign-ups - UK Government
Sign-ups for blood donors were on track but not nearly enough people were actually attending the centres and those that were lacked the ethnic diversity necessary for addressing conditions like sickle cell. Using first and third party data, the NHS and Carat worked with Experian to source data on users with altruistic tendencies and created profiles on those who had already given blood. This varied by area, so for personalisation, geo location was also layered.

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