Aaron Haynes

Vizeum UK


Churn in our industry is double the UK norm. Most move around for “career progression” or “new and interesting work”. Instead, I’ve taken the same advice we give our clients – to take the long-view. I’ve only ever done the same job, in the same agency, for the same client.

IKEA has become my obsession. Starting as a Graduate and now Strategy Partner, it has become a study in my chosen craft and a sandbox for progress.

Seven years and six promotions later, in collaboration with Mother, I’ve built a model for effectiveness: growing ROI 20% despite a 40% budget increase; creating £1.4bn in incremental revenue. I’ve since authored my contribution into our winning IPA Effectiveness and Effie papers, The Wonderful Everyday – the highest honours awarded to Vizeum in the last decade. In the same period, I’ve helped grow IKEA’s CRR score from 4 up to 8, going on to retain the account at 27 as our Planning Lead.

I’m now taking what I’ve learnt on IKEA to help improve my agency and industry.

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