Acast & Bose



Bose Recommends: More than doubling sales whilst solving an industry problem... Objectives: Engage an affluent and upmarket audience, and increase its desire to purchase Bose QC35II headphones, in keeping with the brand’s ‘Get Closer’ overarching campaign Insight: Discovery is the largest challenge for the podcast industry. Before this campaign, finding your new favourite podcast relied on being featured on podcast platforms’ ‘new and noteworthy’ sections, PR and word of mouth alone Activation: ‘Bose Recommends’, a brand new “podcast of the week” feature, providing listeners with the chance to Get Closer to fresh new content recommendations. This based off our own listener data through our proprietary technology Results: 150% increase in ownership of Bose headphones, 121% increase in awareness of Bose headphones and 48% increase in consideration.

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