No One Should Have No One

Manning Gottlieb OMD / Age UK


Across the UK, over 500,000 older people regularly go more than a week without seeing or speaking to anyone and over 1.2m are regarded as chronically lonely.

Since 2015, we have committed to helping Age UK on their mission to tackle this hidden tragedy, but the scale of the task was a daunting one.

There are 185,000 charities in the UK, and Age UK has just 3% SOV. Also, no one wants to think about old age, especially in the context of charities (children, cats and cancer are typically the ‘big three’ in the UK).

We had to act boldly and bravely to make the nation care about loneliness and act.

Our overarching ambition was to engage the nation with the issue of loneliness, by heightening awareness, action and understanding. However, people’s thoughts and feelings were not going to change overnight, we knew this was a long-term ambition, which was going to take a significant amount of time to embed.

This has been a journey of evolution, optimisation and bravery as we built on each year’s success to tackle loneliness and drive positive outcomes for Age UK.

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