An Outstanding Year for Manning Gottlieb OMD

Manning Gottlieb OMD


This is the story of an outstanding year for Manning Gottlieb OMD in what has been a tough year for the media industry on the whole. We’ve focused on two key things – the work and our people – and have seen that focus lead to a year that in many ways has been our best ever…

We’ve won £68m of new business.

We’ve grown our revenue and our profit.

We’ve grown to 380 people, making us the biggest agency in the Omnicom Media Group in the UK (and the second biggest OMD agency in the world).

According to WARC we’re the number one media agency in Europe (and fourth best globally).

We’re the most awarded agency in the history of the IPA Effectiveness awards and the Thinkbox TV planning awards.

We’ve got a bold new leadership team that are determined to make us even more progressive.

And we’ve finally moved into a new building with toilets that flush.

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