Anti-Pollution Posters

Maxus, Pretty Green, JCDecaux / The Body Shop


The 2016/17 brief from The Body Shop (TBS) had one big problem at its core; TBS simply wasn’t connecting to a younger audience. So to drive sales and footfall in a very cluttered market we needed to revitalise TBS around modern issues. Combining The Metro’s Millennial Rules research with our social listening capabilities, we identified ‘Pollution’ as the biggest modern issue. It was also the most relevant due to pollution’s effect on your skin. With re-launch of TBS Drops of Youth anti-pollution skin care range we put this new brand purpose at the core of our media.

Working with Out-of-Home as a partner close to the main source of Pollution; Vehicles, we used media to  combat Pollution. In the quest for the right technology we uncovered Airlabs, a newly patented technology that removed 95% of particles and Nitrogen Dioxide from pollutants. Connecting them with JCDecaux we launched the world’s first anti-pollution bus stops. Each bus stop cleaned up 80 buses worth of pollution a day and 7,200 buses for the campaign period. The campaign delivered on its objectives of increasing Sales and Footfall and has now changed how JCDecaux think about OOH and the future of bus shelters.

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