Arla: Sky-rocketing snack-sales, the Mobile-First way.

Fetch & Carat / Arla


What TV? The protein-loaded ad campaign which punches well above its muscle-weight.

By curating of a well-defined target group and utilizing geo-location features, we were able to deliver a highly engaging and effective campaign for Arla Protein.

Known as the ‘Mobile-First Agency,’ Fetch worked with geo-location specialist Near (using a first to market technology) plus Carat for audience analysis to drive sales in-store via mobile media, delivering a pre and post work-out snack at the most perfect time to gym bunnies.

By taking a highly effective ‘right time, right place’ approach to reach audiences with their mobile in their pocket, Arla enjoyed an 80%+ uplift of footfall in-store, which highlights a dramatic upsurge when compared to TV advertising in the same category, producing a short-term ROI of 25%.

Definitive success came down to assembling a select list of fitness centres to geo-target users during specified workout moments.

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