Carat / Kellogg's


In 2015, only 4% of all ready-to-eat cereal was claimed to be eaten outside of breakfast time in the UK. Kellogg’s ambition is to double this figure by 2020, so it tasked its agencies to deliver this growth by positioning its cereals as a snack that can be eaten at any time of day.

Armed with Leo Burnett’s creative idea: “Kellogg’s inspires everyone to toss out the cereal ‘rule book’ and enjoy Kellogg’s anytime, anyhow, because…YUM!”, we needed to identify the moments when people could snack on cereal and also know that the creative executions we developed for each occasion would resonate with a broad audience of 18-54-year-olds.  We needed a smart, robust system that could help us know when and where to invest our limited budget in real-time.

We built a performance-based planning, monitoring and evaluation system that would revolutionise how an FMCG campaign could be optimised in real-time.  Our system enabled us to identify and deliver 221 different combinations of snacking occasion, execution, format and platform.

We achieved 9.79m completed views, 590k social actions, and over 10k shares & social mentions – plus some notoriety in MailOnline.

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