Ben Hayes & Andrew Stephens, Co-Founders



“Do the right thing” is Goodstuff’s guiding principle. It runs through the agency and every piece of work we produce, driven by our two co-founders’ unique approach to business.

This nomination is for that duo.

Andrew is the spirit of Goodstuff, responsible for much of what’s seen externally. His relentless pursuit of ‘the idea’ and belief in media creativity to fuel effectiveness makes him a supreme client handler, new business terrier, and guiding hand in most of our award-winning campaigns. He also spearheads media invention across the industry such as our Media Showcase, Age of Independence book launch, and “Startstuff”,

Conversely, Ben is the heart of Goodstuff, and is largely responsible for building the priceless feeling of what it’s like to work at, and work with the agency. Ben’s initiatives have created an agency of happy people (our eNPS is 47, and churn is 9% below average) who are motivated to do great work (we won more awards than any other agency at this year’s Campaign Media Awards), leading to happy clients (with industry leading satisfaction scores), and ultimately creating the fastest growing and pound for pound for most creative media agency of the last seven years.


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