Britain's Next Top Model, The Front Row

Arena Media / A&E Networks, Britain's Next Top Model


Britain’s Next Top Model (BNTM) is one of Lifetime’s flagship shows. In its 11th season, A&E Networks needed a fresh approach to bring new, younger women to its network.

But with an array of fashion content available at a single flick, an address of 156 on the Sky EPG and, an audience who don’t want to wait a week for that next episode, it’s tough to establish yourself as the home of fashion.

We had to find a way to extend our content outside of the linear broadcast in a space where we knew we could find our new, younger audience. Facebook Live was just that, but we wanted to go one step further than just shouting about the show – instead, we delivered the first ever Facebook Live companion show.

Blurring the boundaries between broadcaster and Social platform was a bold move, but our Facebook live show delivered 1.3M+ total views and brought in an impressive 45% new Lifetime viewers. Furthermore, BNTM took Lifetime to the #1 Pay TV channel for Women 16-45 in its Thursday 9pm premiere slot!

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