Contextual Moments

Channel 4


Channel 4 have a remit to innovate and push boundaries – this doesn’t just apply to what we do on screen, but also to what we do off screen. The rise of digital giants means we have to work hard to maintain our market-leading position. One way in which we’ve done this is by innovating advertising, an area that from a targeting perspective has broadly stayed the same for decades.

We undertook award-winning lab research to measure if contextual targeting would deliver significant improvement on advertising performance – and saw amazing results, in some cases doubling the ad recall levels which is pretty much unheard of! This led us to creating our latest offering: ‘Contextual Moments’ (CM). CM is a world-first product which uses Machine Learning to automatically identify everything in our content and highlight specific ‘moments’ in TV shows deemed contextually valuable to advertisers. For example, if two characters go jogging in Made in Chelsea, the next advert shown will be Fitbit.

We then conducted a live trial of the product with four advertisers, which saw phenomenal results. We are now evaluating our ability to scale this product in 2019 ahead of a potential re-launch as a full-time product.

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