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Arena Media / Domino's


Proudly in our 21st year of delivering Domino’s growth in the UK, Arena have been a key partner in helping them become the nation’s number one pizza brand.

Tasked with driving growth year-on-year, we have had to manage a variety of challenges over the years - the emergence of aggregators, an increase in cuisine choice and media fragmentation - video in particular.

However, our strategy has been consistent. Own the in-home eating occasion and recruit the next generation of customers. TV has been the bedrock, giving access to the in-home occasion.

From Live Time to Match Time to Catch-up Time to Game Time, we have flexed the strategy to account for changing media habits and emerging opportunities.

And the strategy has paid off. Domino's remains the nation's favourite takeaway and delivery brand. And since 2016, order count is up +10%, order value +14% and media contribution +60%.

All in all, a very effective long-term media strategy.

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