Don't Mind if I Baileys

Carat UK, Tasty / Diageo: Baileys


Set against the backdrop of the must-win festive season, Baileys needed to reconnect with modern drinkers in the key markets of UK, Germany, Spain and increase the number of ways that the average consumer enjoys their Baileys.

To put Baileys on the front-foot, we would harness the power of influential social food publishers and create a series of seductively simple recipes that would position Baileys as an ingredient and not just a serve. In turn, their followers would like and share the recipes, placing Baileys at the heart of foodie culture and demonstrating just how versatile it could be.

With scale, reach, and the ability to activate across the UK, Germany and Spain, the primary partner for this campaign was influential food publisher Tasty, who produced a number of seductive videos. A total of 23.4 million people across Europe viewed the videos natively and in their newsfeeds, more than any other digital channel on the plan.

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