Unleashing the Greatest Racing Spectacle on the Planet

Wavemaker Client Solutions London / F1


Formula 1 has suffered years of declining attention, engagement and viewership, driven by a belief among fans that the sport has pursued commercial interests over entertainment. Under new ownership and with a new marketing and agency team, F1 took the decision to reposition one of the world’s most classic and iconic sporting franchises, potentially putting decades of fan equity at risk by moving away from the reassuring heartland of heritage and classic style, and re-focusing on the raw excitement of the greatest racing spectacle on the planet.

This tells the story of a no-turning-back global bet that led to a significant single-year turnaround, driving +10% global TV audiences, +8% race attendance, and making F1 the fastest-growing major sports property online. Though just the start of a multi-year strategy to turn F1 into a global modern media and entertainment property, the 2018 race season campaign stands alone as a case study of how a focus on fans and a commitment to re-finding the DNA of one of the world’s greatest sports can unlock transformational growth against the odds.

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