Formula E: Unlocked

Client: Porsche

Porsche, the premium car manufacturer, was launching a new electric vehicle – the Porsche 99X Electric Formula E. But for this launch they wanted something different; to reach a brand new and hard to engage audience. There would be no more glossy magazines, no more TVCs and no need for journalists to travel to trade shows – this was going to be digital. Porsche reached out to Twitch as a natural partner in this space and Twitch took the brief to another level, turning car launches upside down in a brand new, custom designed, interactive, game-play ad on Twitch. Instead of showing viewers a simple pre-roll video, Twitch put the race car reveal in the hands of the world's largest gaming community. Twitch challenged them to reveal or ‘Unlock’ in gamer terms, the new race car to the world. Twitch did this by turning the reveal into a live action video game entirely controlled by the viewers! Every move made in the game was decided by the audience through interactive voting options that would appear dynamically on screen. Every single decision made by the audience had an implication for the progression of the game and created a different set of options for the audience to choose from. This was not a passive storytelling experience. This was an immersive, viewer led, community driven, consumer brand reveal – just like Porsche has asked for! Twitch quadrupled the KPI Porsche had set as an objective, and the International press went mad for the campaign. Mission accomplished!