Global and Mills & Boon - Immersive erotica for the ears.

To launch A Royal Vow of Convenience, the latest book from Romantic fiction publisher Mills & Boon, Global produced a first-of-its-kind 3D audio chapter of the book in binaural sound.

3D audio is immersive – it drops listeners right into a scene or a situation. In the case of A Royal Vow of Convenience, we decided to drop them into a sex scene, in a pool, at night.

Recorded on location and perfectly capturing the sounds and atmosphere of a hot, sultry night, the lead characters from the novel were brought to life to deliver a highly charged, intimate listening experienceThe 3D audio chapter of the book was hosted on several digital platforms with a radio / social / digital campaign across the Heart network driving audiences online to hear the full chapter.

A Royal Vow of Convenience became the best-selling Mills & Boon title for the publishing month at launch and the month afterwards with lifetime sales of the paperback tracking to make it the bestselling title in its series.

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