Good News Happening Right Now



Whenever cancer is talked about, it’s usually as a tragedy, or with the rhetoric of fighting a battle. Together with Cancer Research UK, we set out to tell a new story. Those affected by cancer can identify with the feeling of waiting for news and hoping that it’s good. Just like newsbrands, news about cancer is usually prefaced by 'bad'. We flipped that idea on its head. Thanks to the advancements funded by Cancer Research UK, more people are receiving good news than ever before. So we showed ‘Good News Happening Right Now’, celebrating the small wins and positive achievements experienced by those affected by cancer. We went big, creating a groundswell of positivity with a daily burst of good news from Cancer Research UK across the Daily Mirror, Daily Record and 15 of our biggest regional titles, online and in print. By the end of the campaign we had good news of our own, reaching over 11 million people. We told the good news stories of 40 people, shining a spotlight on the crucial work done by Cancer Research UK, improving brand perceptions – 85% of readers agreed the campaign made them feel more positive to the charity.

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