Hear and Now - proving radio's targeting credentials



Commercial radio is in a great place with record reach and revenues (both in traditional airtime and digital). This hasn’t happened by chance. There has been a lot of investment by radio owners supported by the work of other stakeholders.

Radiocentre’s research is credited as a driver in radio’s revenue success story. Every year we seek out the missing piece of evidence in the research jigsaw that will convince brands to invest more in the medium. In 2018’s 'Re-evaluating Media' Ebiquity highlighted how targeting dominates the current media discourse. But while there’s a lot of talk about the value of context, such as reaching people at relevant times, there’s little or no evidence to back up the theory.

Radiocentre’s Hear and Now project used creative problem solving to manufacture serendipity, measuring people’s implicit response to advertising heard when engaged in related tasks. In an under-researched field, the study reveals unique insight into how reaching people at relevant moments helps turbocharge advertising effectiveness.

Hear and Now breaks new ground to successfully tap the in-the-moment targeting zeitgeist, helping shift perceptions of broadcast radio’s targeting capabilities and influence how the medium is planned and sold.

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