Hiscox The Honeypot Poster Network



Our innovation was finding a way to feature real cyber-attacks in advertising when one didn’t exist and most readily available hacking data was patchy at best. To solve this problem we took inspiration from the cyber security industry itself. We custom built a honeypot. Honeypot. Noun: a decoy computer system for trapping hackers We setup servers situated in the UK and USA to mimic the real locations hackers expect to find. To the predatory cyber criminal, this system looked like a real small business’s computer network. Then, using proprietary technology we securely connected our honeypot to 37 live digital out of home sites, in 8 cities nationally, creating The Honeypot Poster Network – the world’s first campaign to feature real cyber-attacks. The more attacks our honeypot received, the more our poster’s dynamic creative reacted, using a secure API feed. In just one week our honeypot was attacked over 195,000 times, exposing the shocking fact that a small business can be targeted as often as once every 3 seconds by hackers. Our campaign delivered the most successful business period ever, for Hiscox Cyber Insurance, with double-digit increases in new insurance quotes issued and new customer revenue.

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