Hiscox The Honeypot Poster Network



Small business owners are under constant attack from hackers, but rarely consider cyber-insurance to be a business essential. To prove just how often they’re targeted, we created the world’s first campaign to feature real cyber-attacks, using live OOH media. To do this, we took inspiration from the cyber security industry itself. We custom built a honeypot. Honeypot. Noun: a decoy computer system for trapping hackers. Our idea was to take this cyber security industry technology and connected it to 37 live poster sites in 8 cities across the UK, creating The Honeypot Poster Network. Featuring throughout the small business owner’s day in train stations, central business districts and roadsides. The more attacks our honeypot received, the more our poster’s dynamic creative reacted. In just one week our honeypot was attacked over 195,000 times, exposing the shocking fact that a small business can be targeted as often as once every 3 seconds by hackers. Weeks of persistence and creative re-development was needed to persuade landlords that this campaign didn’t suggest that their screens had actually been hacked. Persistence paid off, as our campaign delivered the most successful business period ever, for Hiscox Cyber Insurance.

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