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m/SIX / hugely value the benefits of an online VOD catch-up environment and wanted to push the boundaries in a new and innovative way. Having capitalised on the UK’s unique sense of humour, they recently introduced their goofball brand ambassador to the UK, ‘Captain Obvious’. Using his humorous tone of voice, M/SIX, CP&B and All4 teamed up to introduce the first ‘skip’ button on All4. All was not what it seemed, as the button took on a literal sense, surprising users with a perfectly synced alternative version of the ad with all the characters using skipping ropes.

Users could ‘skip’ and then ‘unskip’ to their hearts delights, and they absolutely loved it. The ad delivered the highest ever level of interactions on the All4 platform with over a 50% engagement rate, a feat Channel 4 themselves described as ‘mind blowing’. The campaign has been so successful it is still running, with all parties hard at work creating the next iteration to defy advertising conventions.

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