HSBC: The Secret Life of New Cyclists on C4

Channel 4


HSBC connected to audiences on an emotional level, producing a meaningful and timeless campaign to promote their partnership with British Cycling – all hinging off our much-loved ‘The Secret Life of…’ format. Similarly to most banks, HSBC struggles with associations of being a cold and corporate brand. In 2017, HSBC UK became the lead partner of British Cycling with an ambition to inspire families from across the UK to rediscover the joys of cycling, not only increasing the health of the UK but hopefully trying to shift the brand health of HSBC too. Cycling is something tangible, relatable and most of all, hopefully accessible to most audiences. How, though, to inject the campaign with warmth? Enter our ‘Secret Life of… (4, 5, 6 Year Olds)’ series. A wildly popular programme, viewers really connect to the series since, after all, we were all young once. And in the same way, we all learnt to ride a bike when younger…

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