IMPACT: Measuring the ROI of offline sales

Aimia, i2c, MTM / IAB UK


Digital has always enjoyed a relatively high level of accountability. As soon as advertisers could tag online checkout pages they were able to tie sales back to those who clicked on their ads. This was all amazing if you were lucky enough to be a business selling things online, but what if you were not?

Spare a thought for your typical FMCG brand that’s sold almost entirely at the supermarket (95%, ONS, May 2017). With seldom reason to ask shoppers to visit their website, FMCG brands can’t measure success in the same way. Like Tiny Tim peering through the window at an unobtainable Christmas, FMCG brands have watched other sectors learn how digital helps drive sales whilst remaining out in the cold. The IAB’s IMPACT research is all about letting FMCG brands back inside, by testing how online advertising effects offline sales too.

The IAB demonstrated that for every £1 spent on digital advertising, £1.47 was returned, at the measured supermarket.

IMPACT’s results demonstrate that digital is a low risk option for advertisers because it more than pays for itself by delivering a positive ROI.

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