This is the story of the most impressive comeback of a media agency in the last 20 years. In the past 18 months, Initiative has moved from a Campaign School Report of 3 to topping the RECMA table for organic growth.

We have had our biggest win in 18 years with LV= Insurance. In a category struggling to generate growth, we have grown billings by +39% vs. the industry average of 3.4%.

A new leader – Richard Morris, a new leadership team, a new structure, and new capabilities... and, at the heart of everything, culture. We knew its understanding was key to unlocking greater brand relevance and growth.

This obsession reshaped how we develop and hire talent, fundamentally changing the types of clients we work with and how we help those clients take the initiative in culture. It is the essence that has fuelled our comeback over the past 12 months.

We are here to champion the brand and to celebrate the massive contribution media can make.

We are the UK’s fastest growing media agency.

We are back.

We are Initiative.

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