Introducing Acast's First Ever... Comedy Partner!

Acast and Blue 449 / iD Mobile


Having only used visual advertising until now, ID Mobile were looking for a new idea to engage their audience. We worked with them to use a range of formats, creative concepts and recognisable talent build their ‘voice’ in a hugely engaging, immersive and powerful way.

Acast and Blue 449 devised the first ever ‘Category Partnership’ in podcasting, and made iD Mobile as the ‘Comedy Partner’ of UK Podcasts in a campaign built on three elements.

Personalised ads: A global first in dynamic personalised ads in podcasts.

Sponsorship+: 18 ‘hero’ comedy podcasters, including the UK’s most-loved podcast My Dad Wrote a Porno, and comedians such as James Acaster, Romesh Ranganathan and Josh Widdicombe produced unique creatives that would work in show, and also across Acast's vast comedy network.

Branded Content: Chart-topping podcast Private Parts recorded their first ever live-streamed, three-part episode series with iD Mobile branded features including roaming call games, confession session competitions and the hosts giving up control of their phones.

The campaign was seen as a huge success worth an extra 2,394 new sales per week, and iD Mobile have already extended the campaign into 2020.

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