ISBA / AOP / PwC Programmatic Supply Chain Transparency Study

ISBA / AOP / PwC Programmatic Supply Chain Transparency Study, AOP + 12 premium publishers / ISBA + 15 prestigious advertisers
"A joint collaboration between ISBA and 15 advertisers, AOP and 12 premium publishers, and PwC's Marketing & Media Assurance team who conducted the study.

This is a pioneering world-first study into programmatic advertising: mapping digital ads all along the advertiser-agency-adtech-publisher chain.

The study uncovered industry-changing issues, primarily: (i) deep challenges with data access and data formatting; and (ii) 15% of spend disappearing into an unattributable “unknown delta”.

The study insights have been shared in a comprehensive media campaign to deliver the change the industry needs. ISBA, AOP and PwC have collectively presented the study and findings 60+ times: to the study participants; to advertiser and publisher industry bodies; on industry-wide webinars in EMEA, APAC and North America; at online conferences; on numerous industry podcasts; to the Financial Times and to the worldwide trade press; and to DCMS and CMA, who interviewed us to understand the implications for competition, legislation and regulation.

An industry taskforce has been convened to take the study recommendations forward, for the benefit of all advertisers and publishers.

""This is a terrific piece of work. By lifting the lid on the programmatic landscape PwC has done the whole industry a huge service. All sides - advertisers, agencies and publishers - now have a much better idea of what is really going on and how they can do something about it individually and collectively."" (Dominic Mills, Mediatel)"