Karen Stacey, CEO

Digital Cinema Media


Over the last four and a half years, Karen has turned around a failing joint venture (JV) company, driving top line revenue and profitability while inspiring our whole industry to reevaluate the cinema medium.

DCM is a complicated and political £100m JV business where its shareholders (ODEON, Cineworld and Vue) are not only rivals but its
biggest customers, alongside 150 independent cinema companies
with individual demands.

Advertising has long been a significant revenue line for all the cinemas in DCM’s portfolio, driving an average of 25% of their profit line. However, despite a transformative move to digital in 2012, which involved huge
industry investment, no upside had been realised over the following three years. Instead, costs were spiralling at DCM and advertising revenues
were in decline, leading to the shareholders calling for a management change.

Since joining DCM in 2015, Karen’s mission has been to implement a clear strategy for growth and transform the business.

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