Kronenbourg 1664 - A Franc Point of View



Kronenbourg 1664 wanted to continue its march to deliver l'Alsace difference into the heart of British life, to stand for something and stand out in the minds of its 'striver' audience of 35-49 year old men, encouraging them to buy more. It aimed to tap into strivers' conversations, showcasing the brand's Gallic witty take on Britain to differentiate itself from rival premium beer brands. Partnering with ESI Media, the brand set out to provide a Franc point of view by delivering contextually relevant messages in real time via print and online news channels. With strong collaboration between client, creative and planning teams, as well as with ESI, a Kronenbourg newsroom was set up to deliver quick-witted relevant copy in a tight two-hour window, which sat contextually around breaking news stories. The campaign used the newsbrands' new ESI RealTime data tool to discover trending topics, allowing Kronenbourg 1664 to target the right audience at the right time, with the right message. As a result, the brand enjoyed an increase in purchase volume, frequency and spend.

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