Launching Leopard Lager



How do you celebrate the return of one of Britain’s most-loved comedies? With a pint of course! Red Dwarf, the much-loved sci-fi comedy show was coming back for a 12th series. Our job was to create a buzz around its return to Dave and prove to a loyal and knowledgeable audience that the new series hadn’t lost any of its original charm. Our strategy centred on delivering something that would make noise with the masses but resonate strongest with in-the-know fans of the cult comedy. The trust we’d built up with both agency and advertiser allowed us to stretch the limits of what paid media usually permits. So we went intergalactic – designing, brewing and giving away Leopard Lager, Lister’s favourite tipple in the show. We stocked the lager in 52 pubs across the nation, for one day only, giving it away to fans for free. And we certainly created a big bang. 71% of our readers agreed that the Leopard Lager promotion made them feel like something big was happening, resulting in high engagement and a high likelihood to watch the series; 71% said they had planned to watch the new series of Red Dwarf. We’ll drink to that!

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