LIDL Surprises, Mail Advertising & METRO

Starcom / Lidl


Lidl presented Mail Advertising and METRO with multiple challenges; To change consumer perceptions, to educate consumers in particular young mums and to do this at scale. Using in depth insight overlayed with Lidl's product schedule we created Lidl Surprises. 

Lidl Surprises unveiled the surprising stories behind the produce that would be in-store for Lidl’s themed weeks, middle aisles, wine racks and listed produce. We created hero items, celebrated seasonal occasions, and gave readers a voucher so that they could go in-store and try it for themselves …

A bespoke content series was created and ran weekly on MailOnline, as well as in Metro, Daily Mail’s Weekend Magazine, and the Mail On Sunday’s Event Magazine ... in total reaching 77% of all mums in the UK every month.

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