Life in Lockdown - Our Readers' Reactions to Coronavirus

Life in Lockdown - Our Readers' Reactions to Coronavirus, Mail Metro Media
"When COVID-19 threw the world into confusion, Mail Metro Media was quick to utilise its proprietary insight tools to answer the many questions its advertisers and agency contacts had about consumer sentiment.

Transforming its Insights team into a coronavirus think tank, the newsbrand turned to its Matters community – a reader panel of over two thousand members – to hear their opinions and concerns on everything from the Government to mental health issues.

Analysing over 40,000 articles to identify editorial trends and utilising its online polling unit, Pulse Poll+, Mail Metro Media provided advertisers with snapshot views of lockdown life and conducted in-depth studies of major categories affected like travel, retail, finance, supermarkets and more.

Packaging the research into weekly emails over 10 waves and delivering more than 15 presentations to agencies and clients, Mail Metro Media provided its trade contacts with valuable, actionable insight during the most confusing time for our industry, and in turn cemented itself as a leader in coronavirus knowledge."