Lucy Markham

Bountiful Cow


If someone told 16-year-old Lucy within ten years she’d be in her dream job, winning awards, published and featuring on TV she’d have said ‘pigs might fly’. With a little luck and a lot of graft she’s done it. Hustling into agency grad schemes, she landed a TV buyer role at Havas. After two years at the coal face, planners started asking how to split budget between TV and video. No one knew. So she joined the Insight team to apply some science and rigour to find out. The more she learned, the more she asked. Should you ever retarget engagement rings? Will porn take VR mainstream? Keen to rally the industry around key questions she broadcast conversations via podcast. Her desire to apply this insight led her to Bountiful Cow, to Movember’s largest campaign to date. Lucy’s tenacity, collaboration, and experience made her the campaign linchpin. Winning three awards, Movember helped the Cow to a nomination for Agency Team of the Year and School Report in its debut year. Eager to inspire Lucy showcased work at Thinkbox and Newsworks events. Lucy’s enthusiasm for media is clear, she even appeared on BBC to talk Twitter earlier this year.

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