Made Defiant

Havas Media Group / Beats by Dre


Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre changed the game when they launched Beats. But as the years have gone on, the competition has grown fierce. The wireless headphone category is seeing double digit growth year-on-year. How do you face the competition down? You change the game again. The new playing field is culture –with music and sport at the heart. Authentic. Iconic. Confident. Beats creates stories for global audiences on the biggest the stages of all.
In 2014, Beats were banned by FIFA after dominating the World Cup conversation with ‘The Game Before the Game’ guerrilla stunt –even though they weren’t an official sponsor. But true to their style, they weren’t going to take this lying down. They wanted to raise the stakes as the non-official 2018 World Cup Sponsor, increase content views, engagement rates and sales achieved in the 2014 World Cup campaign with 60% less budget…
Five players, four local markets, with a possible twenty-six games, with an assist, score, win or lose moment, the plan needed to be both agile and reactive. A cross agency strategy, both global and local, we followed the tournament 24/7, optimising media and creative to align with players key moments, delivering fantastic results.

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