More Important Than...

Manning Gottlieb OMD


This is the story of how MG OMD created a truly innovative campaign for Specsavers to help the nation understand the importance of regular eye tests. While eye test avoiders understood that eye tests were important, 14m people weren’t having regular tests because it was just a few steps too far down the to-do list. The insight was that most of the things above just weren’t that important – such as trivial media moments. So, we took on the trivial by creating a witty juxtaposition between the importance of eye health and the triviality of most media content. An innovative approach to media allowed us to react to distracting content in the perfect context in real-time. Social and trend data automated over 100 individual creative briefs. We broadcast witty takes on the day’s news live to digital OOH sites. An innovative approach to TV planning allowed us to handpick impactful spots, tailor creative to what had just happened on specific TV shows, and even create and broadcast reactive TV ads the same day. This approach created spectacular impact – not just unprecedented levels of ad awareness and brand buzz, but also driving 40,000 more customers into stores to have their eyes tested.

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