Newsbrand effectiveness - the evidence

Benchmarketing, Peter Field consulting, BDRC Continental / Newsworks


Newsworks used meta-analysis and original research to establish that, in the modern multi-media landscape, newsbrands are incredibly effective at supercharging campaign effectiveness. Our effectiveness programme has produced compelling and consistent results.  Campaigns that include newsbrands are more effective at delivering a return on investment – on average newsbrands boost ROI by three times. Campaigns that include newsbrands are significantly more likely to drive very large increases in share growth, attracting new customers, increasing loyalty among existing consumers and reducing price sensitivity, thereby reducing the need for short-term, cost-cutting promotions. This means long-term growth and bigger profits. Analysis shows that print is actually becoming more effective in recent years. Newsbrands also make other media work harder, delivering increased ROI and more powerful business effectiveness.  Both print and digital platforms perform very well individually in delivering business effects and building brand health, but three separate studies show the power of the multiplier effect for newsbrand advertisers.


The findings have generated acclaim in the industry, with 112 articles of media coverage and over 47,000 unique visitors to Newsworks effectiveness microsite in the last 12 months. Importantly, the effectiveness activity has created client re-appraisal of newsbrands and led to new investment.

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