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O2: Coded

We ripped up the blueprint on how to approach a handset launch. Instead of thinking in a formulaic way and using glossy shots, bold claims and big budgets, we used a highly creative targeted solution to speak only to techies in a language only they could understand: Code.

We set them one big puzzle on a poster to decipher. The code contained coordinates directing tech-enthusiasts to a café, bar or O2 store. The first to crack the code and get to the destination won a handset.

Live posters were updated in real-time as soon as somebody had won the phone, and encouraged people to get involved the following day for another chance to win.

Coded smashed O2’s sales target. In the week it ran we delivered over half the quarterly launch target of 3,300 in one go.

“This was one of the boldest and most inventive things we've done. We focused on the audience and entertained them in their language. A great example of a customer-first, mobile-led experience.” – Dane Hamer, Marketing Manager, O2

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