OOPS Media Creativity

Havas Media (alongside VCCP)


Over the last three years, the UK racked up an astonishing £1bn repair bill for cracked phone screens, so when O2 launched free screen repairs with new handset tariffs, it was a pretty big deal. To make an insurance message compelling we needed to create the ‘oh shit’ feeling you get when your screen cracks. We identified high risk moments and used media to create relatable broken encounters, we broke billboards, rolled phones down escalators and smashed screens, all creating the horror of ‘the oops!’ moment. It took a lot of convincing to be allowed to smash precious inventory but the results created huge public debate and even concerned citizens reporting our ‘broken’ posters to contractors. Using media as the message to stand out from a commoditized market we increased brand love 12%, value perception 7% and consideration 3% - huge uplifts. Oops! drove 170K upgrades (32% above target), 68% customer take up (49% above target) and was responsible for 70% of all sales in the period, driving £17m in revenue. We bought a true experience to life in a meaningful way because it wasn’t just the audience we wanted media to capture, it was the feeling.

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