PAMCo: A once in a generation chance to turbo charge the Published Media Sector

Publisher's Audience Measurement Company (PAMCo) Ltd


In 2014, the UK publishing industry did some genuine soul searching. The industry currency, NRS, no longer served the commercial needs of users. Our stakeholders at the NMA, PPA and IPA decided to invest in a new joint industry currency, and significantly increased investment to deliver a gold standard currency. Following three years of intensive development, PAMCo Ltd launched the industry’s new audience measurement currency, PAMCo - Audience Measurement for Publishers in April 2018. With our partners at Ipsos and comScore, we developed world leading methodology which uses the very latest passive measurement techniques combined with 35,000 high quality face to face interviews to give a single de-duplicated view of publisher audiences across all platforms. The new PAMCo data allows users, for the first time, to look at de-duplicated reach and frequency of audience delivery across all publisher platforms clearly seeing what print, phone, tablet and desktop add to a schedule. It also includes a wealth of new insights for publishers and advertisers, opening up many new opportunities to plan and trade the audiences drawn to trusted content produced by UK publishers. This increased utility of the PAMCo dataset allows publishers to better commercialise their audiences.

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