Pay Attention



Despite a tide of effectiveness research that proves otherwise, the industry’s undervaluation of the role played by ‘traditional’ media channels has created a marketplace where the eyeballs of a consumer are deemed more valuable than their hearts and minds. More effectiveness work is clearly not the answer.
In collaboration with Bournemouth University Magnetic delivered a fresh take on ‘Attention’ that provided a powerful reason for why advertisers should consider magazines. The headline finding of our report was the result of combining our new data on attention with publicly available CPT data for each medium we measured. This gave us the clear, compelling insight that magazines deliver ‘quality attention at exceptional value’. This translated into a campaign message: ‘Pay less for more attention’.
Our ‘Pay Attention’ report has been seen by just under 600 customers, and we received an astonishing 16,000 competition entries across the two-day campaign launch. The research and supporting campaign has united publishers behind one consistent message. Post-launch 71% of our agency audience cited they were more likely to consider magazines as a result of the campaign. “I think the research is brilliant, it very much chimes with the work we’re doing” agency head

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