Launching Beefeater Pink

Havas Media


Alcohol brands are something we discover rather than choose, so to get a new Strawberry flavoured-gin, Beefeater Pink, adopted by 18-34’s we needed that all important first taste experience. But these are hard to deliver on the scale needed for big sales targets. So we turned to one of the most powerful yet underused modes of communication – scent. Fragrance accounts for 90% of taste, drives 75% of emotional association and improves memorability and recall. Identifying Londons Oxford circus as the biggest footfall hotspot for our audeince as well as being in proximity to bars, we could create a taste experience at scale drive the ciritcal ‘first bar call’. Working with Exterion we invented a new screen printing technique infusing scented liquid into a dry-posted poster. Featuring vibrant strawberry-laden creative, combining vinyl-wrapped escalators, panels and scented exit corridors, we delivered a multi-sensory immersion through media. We achieved +6% Awareness and +7% in Consideration – over three times target and delivered the best NPD results for the business in over 5 years, with +102% brand growth in May due to this launch activity. For an audience used to the virtual, our innovation was powerful for being real “completely transforming the space”.

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